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Valmentaja Arto Vuoma, 2.Dan MAAS Finland Ju Jitsu, several other black belts like Ironman Kick Boxing… and instructor certs from other self defence oriented combat sports like Krav Maga.Technical Director of MAAS Finland and entrepreneur. He and his wife** Heidi Vuoma** runs ***Fightermoves – liikuntapalvelut ***company in Oulu Finland.**

Arto is a real jack of all trades **in Martial Arts. He has and is instructing in Kick Boxing, Defcon, Thai Boxing, self defence and Ju Jitsu, adults and juniors bothArto’s achievements as a coach are pretty extensive and latest proof of that is that his main trainee’s, latest win was World Championship in WKO Kick Boxing. She is Arto’s wife btw 😁. Heidi also fights in Thai- and MMA fights.Arto’s profession is Martial Arts, wellness and physical training and hence he has licenced PT accreditation and licence to train and test new coaches for accreditation.

As his function as technical Director. Arto oversees the quality of our grades, documenting our junior belt exams and is chairman of the syllabus committee for MAAS Finland Ju Jitsu’s basic belt exam guidelines.