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Skill Accelerator Methodology

Tommi Nyström has approached learning with professional eye. Even though his method is mainly pointed to martial arts and self defence, it scales to many other physical activity.

Here I try to simplify the idea and provide helpful links to further familiarise one with the method.

The basis is the question: ”Why don’t we train as close to real situation as possible?” Rather we tend to  concentrate on individual techniques that won’t actually scale ”on the Streets”

Skill Accelerator Methodology allows the student to respond in given situation with provided options. The attack is met with realistic responses, flinch, stumble… the options allow for exploration of situational variables. One gets immediate answer to ”does this work ? Why not ?”

Tommi’s methodology builds on the natural reaction of an individual on conflict situation, has the attack started is the defender allready under attack ? With Flinch reaction he means that there is always physical reaction to attack. That has to be taken naturally into calculation of defensive technique.

More on this:


The Skill accelerator methodology is based on Ecological Dynamics Theory

This points to the fact that if we only train technical coreography, individual skills we don’t achieve level where we can actually use these skills dynamically. We need to get this into skill level, something that comes naturally based on the situational setup of the attack; position, size, form of attack etc.

Few tips from Tommi’s system:

The role of your training partner is crucial. Partner set the”stage”. Safely creates as realistic attack situation as possible,

Specify the ”scenario”. What is the situation, where does it start ? Surprise, position…

SIMPLIFY, don’t break the situation (defence to punch for example) into small bits. Look into total set up.

Attacker has to be active” giving continuing attacks to until the threat has been neutralised.

Practise scenarios !

Visualize situations after practise. This is a energy saving training method.

How to actually speed one’s learning. Well studied and published. Tested and proven !

Detailed explanations from the materials:

AT MAAS Finland -Open to all – International – Martial Arts Seminar 2023 Coach Nyström is presenting his methodology.


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