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Sami Koivumäki


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..a little bit about me

I’ve done main part of my professional career in various security functions and in IT field, in support, team lead and education. Of these education has been most rewarding as you have social connection to your pupils and can influence in someone’s career options and potential.

Main thing that I have learned is to balance professional and free time. With this balance one is more efficient, motivated and capable to achieve goals otherwise unreachable.

in my free time I am volunteering in several organisations, including local parish, boy scouts and martial arts club as chairman. Now that I am getting older I try to give back to the hobby that has been a big part of my life, martial arts. I am interested being connected internationally and try to arrange one international seminar in Finland every year.

Now, due to unseen problems, I have lost a lot of work, as I had mainly free lance jobs and worked in education company and naturally Covid-19 hit them bad.

This new situation has been opportunity in a sense that I have had to quickly learn new skills to be able to market myself in wider areas of expertise. Now I am learning social media and web administration.